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Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are on a four game winning streak as they take on division foe Denver. Who Will win? Check out JoeyD's Predictions on Saturday.


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Ever want to talk to someone internationally but couldn't afford the minutes? Maybe you wanted to video conference with someone important at work, but couldn't find anything affordable. Are you looking for a cheap landline, and don't the hassle of a phone company. Then Skype for windows and mac is the program just for you.

The Web Pick of the Weekend is something that I have been using for quite sometime. Skype, which is owned by the internet giant Ebay, is a voiceover IP application, that allows you to talk to people around the world for free. Just recently the program has integraded video chat as well. Skype has created many oppurtunities in the field of communication, because it allows two people to communicate from long distances meanwhile keeping the top quality audio they are producing, instead of compressing it through phone lines.

How does it work?

For those of you familiar with the popular messenger services that AOL and Yahoo have produced, then setting up Skype will be a breeze. At heart, Skype is a chatting agent. After installing the program, which can be found at, the user will be prompted to create a screen name. From there you can text chat with friends, audio chat, and video chat as well. If you know someone with a corresponding username, and you have the proper equipment, all it takes is the push of the talk button! Here are the tools you will need though to get off the ground.

Setup and Additional Costs

For the average user, skype can cost nothing. If your computer comes with an external microphone and you have headphones, you are all set. Most advanced users (myself included) buy headsets, or dynamic Microphones to broadcast to the people we are talking to. In my case, I record interviews and segments with people across the world. I need the highest quality possible. For those of you looking for a cheap, yet high quality device, the Skype store has solid options. Though most uses can be free, sometimes people you want to call won't have a skype username. With a small monthly fee, Skype allows you to call out to all numbers within the united states. You can also purchase minutes from Skype, which allow you to call out internationally.

As an avid Skype user, I have decided to use at a cheap rate of 2.50 a month, plus 35.00 for a landline a year to use skype as my main mobile device. There is no other rates, and for a cheap price under 40 dollars, I have a phoneline directly into my comptuter. I can also forward calls out to an existing number, and allow callers to leave a voicemail. All from my computer. If you are a business owner, client, worker, or have family that is hard to contact, Skype could be the real solution for you. It is definitely a staple in the way that technology is heading.

What You will need:

The Skype Program, Internet Connection, A microphone of some sort, headphones and a username.

To view more about the program Skype, Visit: Download and find out more about the application here.

Skype Wikipedia- To answer more of your questions or concerns.

Skype How To- A helpful how to video on how to install Skype on Windows.

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