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Twitter Tuesday

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Join Joey D for Twitter Tuesday every Tuesday on WJPD at 3:50 PM. Find out what is going on in the Country Music Twittersphere, get up-to-date on the latest Country Music artist joining twitter and find out the Tweet of the Week, every Tuesday at 4:50 on Big Country.

Wednesday Web Pick of the Week

Posted by JoeyD On November - 16 - 2009

Every Wednesday at 4:50, join Joey D for the Wednesday Web Pick of the Week. Joey digs into the internet to find the best web applications, websites and free programs to make your life that much easier.

NFL Four Pack

Posted by JoeyD On November - 20th - 2009

Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are on a four game winning streak as they take on division foe Denver. Who Will win? Check out JoeyD's Predictions on Saturday.


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Miranda Lambert Stops a Catfight

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I have always had respect for Miranda Lambert both as a singer and as a songwriter. As a person, I had always really been indifferent. I know she has a great country attitude, and from what I hear, she puts on some of the best shows in country music- entertainment wise.

All that indifference has now been thrown outside the window.

According to The Boot, Miranda Lambert was performing in Kalamazoo last weekend, when she saw two woman in the front of the crowd.

"OK, let's stop," Miranda told her band. "Catfight!"

With that, Miranda leaned off the stage and addressed the brawlers. "Hey girls. Girls! Hey!," she yelled. "Are you all here to listen to music or get in each others' faces? Don't make me come down there now!"

Later one of the women would leave the concert venue, and Miranda got right back to playing. Pretty awesome! My respect has went up big time for her. To stop mid set and settle things is gutsy and worthy of some talk. Watch the video above to get the whole feel!
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Web Pick of the Week: Seesmic

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(Every Wednesday, Joey D takes a look at a web application, web page, or open source program that benefits you! Take a listen every Wednesday at 3:50 for the Web Pick of the Week on Big Country!)

This week on the show, I decided to dig into the deep and plentiful world of twitter clients for all you twitterholics like me. If you are like me, you like to manage your twitter in a space that allows you to be creative, catch all the content you are looking for, and isn't to hefty on your computer so it can run in the background or on your terms without slowing down your machine.

While I have used and become a fan of Tweet Deck, Echofon, and many of the other applications for Twitter out there, trying to find the complete package. This week's Web Pick, Seesmic, is just that.

Seesmic not only is a down-loadable program, but it also can run very smoothly inside your favorite web browser. If you are a Motorola Droid or Blackberry user like myself, you can also find a very solid, yet free mobile version as well.

Features and Perks:

Web Version- Very fast, smooth loading, left sidebar that beats out twitter's 2.0 client, easy search engine, contact list, and easy option adjustments.

For those of you that have used other twitter clients through a browser and have not found it to allow enough customization, you will be happy the moment you launch Seesmic.

For Windows/MAC- Multiple accounts, Great Options for your stream, add or remove services, not too heavy of a program, very solid resolution, great profile view when clicking on twitter handles, easy image integration.

The Windows and MAC downloadable versions are really simple to use right off the bat and again are smooth running. I have been running the program on my desktop for a week and still no crashes. It's so simple, yet get's the job done on all levels.

Mobile Version (Android OS/Blackberry)- When I started tweeting from my phone from my Motorola Droid, I could not find an application that would have the same feel on my phone as it does on my main computers. Seesmic for Android and Blackberry gives you that. The Droid version is very fast, allows for multiple accounts, and has a perfect setup for mobile tweeting. Without trouble you can view your replies, messages, profile and time line. A quick tap of the menu button on the Droid instantly gives you a list of options that make the tweeting experience on the go work.


Like I said on-air today, I do not want to get into the twitter client world on the Web Pick of the Week, but when a product like this comes around you have to share. The software engineers of this program have done a flawless job of making three seperate but distinct programs for four different systems work flawlessly together. Whether it be in your web browser, desktop, mobile phone or Mac.

Download it today
for your tweeting machine of choice, or if you tweet on the go open up the Seesmic Web today. It makes the whole tweeting experience that much more fun and easy!

Twitter Tuesday 04/13/2010

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It’s Tuesday and that means another edition of Twitter Tuesday, updating you on the country music twittersphere with your tweets of the week. Without further ado, here is a list of tweets that were can’t miss this week.

Why can’t I keep a pair of sunglasses for more than a week? – Josh Thomspon

Im just gonna put this out there.. Bathing suits are of the devil! True story.... The end. Mallary Hope

I need to verify my account. Feels like I'm not sure if I'm me. However: if I verify it, then I'm REALLY accountable when I say dumb things. -Brad Paisley

Wrote 3 awesome songs in less than 3 hrs! Ahhhhh, feels goooooooood...... -Sarah Buxton

Just got word that my George Strait song will be in the top ten on the chart this week. My 1st as a writer. And sung by my hero. Thx GS!!!! -Blaine Larsen

Wondering what we've got up our sleeves for the Incredible Machine tour? Here's a peek... -Sugarland
(Starting This Monday, Joey D will bring you the Big Country Fresh Track. Every Monday at 3:30, tune in for a song you have never heard with an artist background.)

For Jamie Wilson, country music has been embedded into her blood. The Yancey, Texas native has been a part of her life for quite some time. Though she didn't start playing or writing music until her sophomore year of college at Texas A&M, Wilson has shown a great range of ability both vocally and on paper.

A member of two popular Austin bands- The Gougers and The Trishas, Wilson had never experienced performing solo until early this year, when Wilson released her first solo EP, titled "Dirty Blonde Hair."

“I was in a band almost as soon as I got a guitar. Then before the Gougers were even done, this thing with the Trishas was taking off. I wanted to at least get some of my own music out there. Something that's just me,” Wilson states. The EP combines the best elements of Wilson's work with the Gougers and the Trishas, but just a touch more - according to Wilson - "Creepy. It seems that death seeps into all of my songs in one way or another."

The song featured 0n the fast track this week is called, "The River." This tune is part of the new Dirty Blonde Hair album, and was written by Wilson. It has no chorus, but that's because the words blend well enough to not need one.

Here is the description of "The River" in the words of Jamie Wilson:

"The River", the first song on Dirty Blonde Hair, sets the tone, with baritone guitar, banjo, electric guitar, and squeeze box creating the setting for Wilson's rich and distinctive vocals."

To listen to this week's Fresh Track, click here!

To Buy her latest EP Dirty Blonde Hair, click here!

(The Fresh Take can be heard every Monday on the Afternoon Drive at 3:30 PM)

Twitter Tuesday: 04/06/10

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It's Twitter Tuesday! This week, we find out that the Real acronym in Nashville is WWTKD. Mallary Hope declares her love for me! (Ha!) Dierkes Bentley has his new album cover on his website and David Nail hates Duke after a hard fought win last night. Here are your tweets of the week!

RT @mallaryhope: @JOEYDBC If i was standing there i would kiss you!!(in a truly platonic kind of way) :) thank you for making my day!-Mallary Hope

new album cover up !!! #fb -Dierkes Bentley

I HATE DUKE! -David Nail

Just read this at the bakery while picking up bread: Remember stressed spells desserts backwards. -Michelle Branch

Full titanic soundtrack!Can u believe it In the same month the ship sunk Im on a cruise ship where music of choice is the Titanic soundtrack- Josh Gracin

When it doubt, remember WWTKD... What Would Toby Keith Do? Can't go wrong there. Hope you're enjoying this awesome day. -Jaron and the Long Road to Love

Happy April Fools Day

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Hey Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine this April Fools day, because tonight IT IS GOING TO SNOW!

Okay, maybe not but I can scare you right?

I always get pumped for this day, because it can be so much fun and you can take so much risk without getting in trouble for it. Take for example this morning, when Iain Black and I shoved a bunch of chairs and a love seat in Ryan Erickson's office! Let's just say it was not easy reporting the news this morning (oops!)

Have fun throughout the rest of the afternoon and be safe. That is the most important thing. Secondly pull some safe pranks!
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Okay, so some of us are addicted to Twitter. Let's admit it. I have friends that have four different accounts to disperse information about different subjects. Sometimes we get caught up in the fact that it's just sending 140 characters at a time when we prepare our latest tweet.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Social technology. It's is great! But like all things, sometimes we get caught up just a bit too much in this realm of life.

That includes myself.

That's why this week's web pick of the Week has to do with finding out how much you actually spend a day tweeting. The website is called Tweetwasters, and it calculates how much time a day you spend tweeting.

I spend about an hour a day on that darn social networking! That doesn't even include time looking around and finding information! Check it out-

It's Tuesday and that means another update in the Country Music Twittersphere! This week's Tweet of the week goes to the hilarious Brad Paisley who is not only pumped up that his West Virginia Mountaineers are in the Final Four, but that his tour name is set in stone. His series of tweets of the top ten names that were considered for the new tour name is our tweet of the week.

Here is a list of Tweets you might of missed that are must see:

I see flip flops you know what that means? It's warm enough2request blossom in the dust ;) fun tempo great story perfect 4 spring sunshine –Mallary Hope

I do not have a personal trainer :-) u guys are my personal trainers:) we will do this together. –Josh Gracin

If you talk bad about country music, it's like saying bad things about my momma. Them's fightin' words. –Dolly Parton

Just got home from the studio with Timbaland. Working on a really cool project. Can't wait for y'all to hear. Now bedtime. –Michelle Branch

Got a new HD LED tv just for Opening Day(baseball). Hello Man Cave! Wait... that sounds way wrong. Hello Theater room! –Joe Nichols

was listening to latest round of mixes and sequence...can't imagine what it will sound like when i finally get a new right speaker #fb -Dierkes Bentley

Tweet of the Week: Brad Paisley

So we picked on the name H2O tour, but what were the runner ups?

10:"Chevy presents Brad Paisley's Ca(calcium)Tour"

9:"The NH3 tour"(Amonia)

8: the C8H18 tour.

7: the C14H26 tour

6: The CH4 (methane) tour

5:The (Mg3Si4010(OH) 2)Talcom Powder World Tour

4:The Hydrochloric Acid Tour

3: The monoxydil tour.

2: The oxycontin tour

1:the hydroxycut tour

Here is a listing of upcoming Country Concerts in the area in the upcoming months:

Friday/Saturday March 12th-13th 8 PM- George Jones at the Island Resort and Casino. WJPD will be giving away tickets next week on American Country Gold and the Five Hour Lunch Hour.

Friday/Saturday April 9th-10th- Loretta Lynn at the Island Resort and Casino.

Thursday May 3rd 7 PM- Wynnona Judd at the Dreammakers Theater
Friday/Saturday May 7th-8th- Montgomery Gentry at the Island Resort and Casino

Friday/Saturday May 21-22- Billy Curringtron at the Island Resort and Casino

Ill post more updates as the come to us. Stay tuned for some great concerts this Spring!

Web Pick of the Week:

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Have you been looking for a good way to traffic your favorite tunes through the internet? Well one good way is the service The music service, which allows you to upload tunes from personal collection onto the internet, and allows you to stream all kinds of music from their servers. Not only can you make your own playlists and set up your own tunes, you can also buy new ones for relatively cheap.

All the music on Lala is DRM free and is compatible with Windows Media Player and Itunes. I say check it out, it is a great little web application that makes your life so much easier. Plus, you can always take the party with you as long as you have the internet!

Maureen Cutajar of has a great how to on how to get started on To view her step by step directions on how to get started, click here.

Hope everyone is enjoying the seventeen pounds of snow we are expected to get this evening! Today on the Afternoon Drive, we had a pretty packed show! We talked about the release of Sarah Buxton and Josh Thompson's debut albums. Also covered some Country News and it was Twitter Tuesday! Let's break it down into further detail.

[Country News] If you cant get enough of Kenny Chesney, then his new Iphone app will have you drooling tonight. The popular hunk has released a free application through Itunes that brings you the latest gear, tour dates and even uses your GPS to give you directions to concerts you bought tickets too! Kenny Chesney on his new app:

"With the iPhone's capability, it's a great opportunity to let your fans get in there and really experience the music ... and the shows ... and well, all of it. So, I decided rather than be first, I'd take some time and create something that gives the fans the most comprehensive application we could create."

The app includes a New Shoes Radio function, special cuts and much much more. Download it today!

[Sarah Buxton Review] Today on the show I reviewed Buxton's debut self titled album. I also played a tune called radio love on the Five O'Clock Traffic Crunch. I thought the album told a good story and that Buxton showed a lot of range. From raspy to upbeat to solid ballad work. One thing that impressed me was how well the album flowed. I stuck with it in and out. Not a bad debut album. I suggest you check it out.

[Twitter Tuesday] This week focuses on the releases of this week, inlcuding Mallary Hope's excitement!

[Paisley on Technology] So Brad and I can agree on one thing. Enough of this media technology, it's time to focus on making a car that can fly. Paisley shares his thoughts on the idea after a week of touring and celebrating having the number one song in country music!

Pat from the UP 200 crew joined us to talk about the upcoming races that will take place this weekend. The Coveted UP 200 and Midnight Run will get underway on Friday.

In the Interview, Pat breaks down the difference between the two races, preperation for this event, How the track is made and explains how this recent snowfall will help the pups as they get ready for their cruise to Grand Marais.

To listen to the interview in it's entirety, click here.
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It’s Tuesday and I’ve got another Twitter Tuesday update for everyone. This week’s theme seems to be Dreams! Here is your Country Music Twittersphere Update

From Mallary Hope Today: Had the craziest dream @TheEllenShow invited me on her show,let me sing Blossom then she surprised me with 3 new puppies.Woke up laughing :P

From Martina McBride Today: I dreamed I was trying 2 get 2 the CMA Awards and couldn't get there. Betty White was driving. My phone wouldn't work. Nobody would listen 2 me. Somehow Betty drove us INTO 1 of the rides @ Disneyworld. Some kind of train thing. In the dark. We had 2 ride it 2 get out but it got stuck. so we had 2 climb out. It was raining. I was n my gown. I was supposed 2 perform. Betty gave up. Oh yeah, Trisha Yearwood was there too. It was Crazy!

Blake Shelton: Performing my new album LIVE TODAY on at 7pmEST/4pmCST. Pre-order my new album NOW!!

Michelle Branch Yesterday: The cable guy is STILL here. I've resorted to eating my daughter's Valentine candy for lunch. Mmm. I love nerds (both candy and real life.)

David Nail: is about to watch USA hockey on the USA network! Go Ryan Suter...

Those are your tweets of the week! To listen to the segment, click here.

Joey D at Econo Foods on Friday!

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Join myself and Big Country 92.3 WJPD tomorrow live at the Econo Foods in Marquette! I'll be there from 3-5 PM giving you a chance to win an unbelievable night out from our great pals at Diet Dr. Pepper.

I'll be handing out free pop, so be ready for the best 23 flavors in the biz, as well as one more chance to get entered to win our Unbelievable Night out with Upfront and Company, Lutey's Flower Shop and Carmike Cinemas!

I can't wait to see you guys down at the Econo Foods! Come Say Hi, I promise that I won't bite.

See yah tomorrow!
Man I love Thursdays. Everybody is always in a good mood, with Friday right around the corner. And I always find ways to keep busy. Today's show was packed with a lot of great stuff, let's get right to it!

[Country News] Well the Dixie Chicks are back together... Sorta! Emily Robison and Martie Maquire have started the side project Court Yard Hounds. Check out their new website: More information on the audio clip!

[Google is ruining facebook!] Late in the show, I declared that Facebook is being ruined by google. The new social networking site is called Google Buzz. Supposedly Mark Zuckerberg and company at Facebook changed their format to match the buzz chat that appears on the left side of the page. So those of you who hate the new facebook layout, blame google!

[Carrie's Worst Date] Carrie Underwood shares her worst date ever on the Afternoon Drive and let's just say that it's good to know that I wouldn't be her worst possible night out on the town! I also proclaim my singleness on this clip on Valentines Day! Hey Ladies!!!

[Joey and Rory Update] Country Music's new duo is at it again. It looks like they will have a new album out by early in the summer. The Album is titled "Album #2". I love it! The Sophomore album is key and I think these two will hit the nail right on the head.

[Unbelievable Night Out] Congratulations to Angel and her significant other. They are both entered to win an Unbelievable Night Out this weekend. Take a listen to what make's Angels significant other unbelievable.

Joe McKay to Fill in For JoeyD

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Sometimes, even punks like me deserve to have a break sometimes. Iain Black is a little jealous of me but hey, what can I say. I will be heading home for a week to visit some friends and family that I did not get to see during the holiday season.

Filling in for me will be a familiar face. Joe McKay will be filling in for me next week. Don't worry! He will keep you updated with all the same things I do and will also bring his own flavor to the microphone.

And just because I'm gone doesn't mean you have to miss me. I'll be on the Five Hour Lunch Hour with Iain Black to discuss the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl next week, so be ready for that!

Until then, I'll talk to you in a week or so. Take Care.
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Today's show was packed full of information and good times. It's a day away from Friday and we just had to celebrate right? At least have a good time! Here's what happened on the Afternoon Drive today:

[Country News
] Kevin Fowler Signs With Lyric Street
Kevin Fowler has signed with Lyric Street after releasing two albums on the defunct Equity Records label. He recorded “Loose, Loud & Crazy” in 2004 for Equity and “Bring It On” in 2007. Fowler also earned songwriting credits for Montgomery Gentry’s “Long Line Of Losers” and George Jones’ “Beer, Bait And Ammo.” Fowler’s first music on Lyric Street will be out this spring.

[Interview] Glenn with Northern Meats

Glenn of Northern Meats stopped by to talk about the great bacon and ham that is on sale at their location in Harvey. If you need to order up some meat, call 249-1222. Glen is the only authorized place to slice and glaze hams on-site. He dropped by some goodies at the studio, excellent!

The Five O'Clock Traffic Crunch:
1. Kenny Chesney- Keg in the Closet
2. Jennifer Nettles/Bon Jovi- Who Says You Can't Go Home

3. Trace Adkins- Ala 'Freakin' Bama
4. Johnny Cash/Rodney Crowell- I Walk The Line Revisited
5. Junior Brown- I hung It Up

Coming up tomorrow on the program, I will reveal some of the better ways to do your taxes online, including the more popular Turbo Tax option! Stay Tuned.Have a Great Night Everyone!

Interview with Rebecca Rosen

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Well Folks, If you missed the Afternoon Drive this Afternoon, you missed a treat. Medium/Psychic Rebecca Rosen joined the show to discuss her new book coming out on the 2nd, titled Spirited: Connect to the Guides All Around You. Rebecca will also be on Nightline on ABC this Tuesday.

Rebecca and I discuss the after-life, what the difference is between a psychic and a medium, What seeing the after-life is like and much much more.

I suggest you check out her upcoming book, if you have any interests in practicing. I am a very interested person that is open to anything and Rebecca seems like the real deal when it comes to mediums. I mean, if Vanna White and Jennifer Aniston trust her, you should to!

To listen to part one of our interview, click here.

To listen to part two, click here.

For more information on Rebecca, including when her book will be available, visit her personal website.

Web Pick of the Week: K7 United

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This Week's Web Pick of the Week is a great tool for you business owners or entrepreneurs who are low on money. The Website is called K7 Unified Messaging.

What does it do? Good Question.

Maybe you had to cancel your business line or chose to cancel it, but you want to still be able to have clients send you voicemail. All you have to do is sign up for an account at K& for free, and they will send you a phone number to give out. Whenever someone you know dials that number, they will automatically be sent to your voicemail line. Once they have left their message, it will be sent to the email account you set up your account with in an mp3 file.

Pretty cool huh?! The best part is that function of K7 is free. If you are still into faxing and don't have a machine, K& also has those functions available to you. Try it out for free on the website and let me know what you think!

Can't Wait for Lady A!

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Man, it seemed like just yesterday the much anticipated announcement of Lady Antebellum's new album took place. Back then I was excited as I am now.

On Monday, Need You Now will hit the world. It will take it by storm (or something like that!). What is crazy about this album is that most of it has already been revealed by the band. They have done a great job of promoting the upcoming cd. I guess when you when the CMA for best song, that does help! Here is a list of the Tracks:

(Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Josh Kear)

(Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Michael Busbee)

(Shane Stevens, Cary Barlowe, Hillary Lindsey)

(Tom Douglas, Tony Lane, David Lee)

(Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Jerry Flowers)

(Marv Green, Jason Sellers)

(Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Rivers Rutherford)

(Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Monty Powell)

(Charles Kelley, Monty Powell, Anna Wilson)

(Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Craig Wiseman)

(Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Michael Busbee)
If you order right now on Lady Antebellum's Web Site, You will receive and exclusive copy of the song "Bottle Up Lightning" I love that the group is involved in all of the songs. Again, we will preview that on Monday. I'll share my thoughts on the production, and more.

Can't wait!
Hey Everyone, I got some great news! Joining us next week on Wednesday is renown Psychic/Medium Rebecca Rosen! Rosen has a new book out and will kick off the tour in Michigan.

Rosen will talk about the book, what it means to be a medium and how she creates the bridge between life and death.

Heck, she might even give me a reading, we will just have to see!

You will be able to hear a part of the interview on the air Wednesday afternoon, and the whole interview here on the blog on Wednesday. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Below is a video of Rosen at work.

-Joey D

It's been made clear by the public who the face of Country Music is.

Okay, not quite but it has been one heck of a ride this decade for Oklahoma's own Carrie Underwood. First, it was the mind-blowing performances week in and out on the hit Fox television show American Idol.

Next it was the debut album that blew away the fans of country music.

'Some Hearts,' which had hits, "Jesus Take The Wheel," "Wasted," "Before He Cheats," and "Some Hearts" changed the way country music was looked at for nearly a decade. Billboard has named it the country music album of the decade. Throw in the hits of 'Carnival Ride' and the latest 'Play On' album, and it becomes clear who is at the top of country music.

After a slam dunk December for Taylor Swift, I am predicting that 2010 will be the year of Carrie Underwood.

Earlier this year on the blog, I noted that I wasn't sure if Underwood had made the final step into Country Hall-of-Fame stardom. Now, I am predicting that the time is here. After the release of "Play On" in November, I thought that Underwood would sweep the awards and dominate the world of country music.

Now with the Swift phase ending, as she begins to produce her next album, I think that Carrie Underwood will come out and establish herself as the voice of country music.

That's my prediction in 2010. Only time will tell if it happens, but she really will be a force for quite some time in this genre.

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