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Twitter Tuesday

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Wednesday Web Pick of the Week

Posted by JoeyD On November - 16 - 2009

Every Wednesday at 4:50, join Joey D for the Wednesday Web Pick of the Week. Joey digs into the internet to find the best web applications, websites and free programs to make your life that much easier.

NFL Four Pack

Posted by JoeyD On November - 20th - 2009

Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are on a four game winning streak as they take on division foe Denver. Who Will win? Check out JoeyD's Predictions on Saturday.


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This Week's Web Pick is a selection from Big Country's own Iain Black. It's called Tune Up and it is a plugin for the popular Itunes media player.

What is it? Well, If you are a music lover like I am, then you have a lot of songs that do not have labels of the album, artists, or many other things.

So far while playing with the software, I have found it a very delightful experience. Not very often does it mess up on songs, and you can even set preferences so that it wont.

Tune Up does cost, but there is a free trial on the homepage. To get there, just click on the logo on the right.

A rather easy Web Pick this week, but a very handy tool for those that are recording their records to digital and such.

Happy Holidays!

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I can't believe Christmas is already here! Holy Cow! Hope you are enjoying the snowfall as Christmas day quickly approaches. Make sure you drive out there, and enjoy the time with family and friends. That's what the holiday is about.

Just sit back and listen to the music. I'll be taking your holiday requests today on Big Country, can't wait to hear from you at 225-1440!

Like you I think the best part of the holidays is celebrating with friends and family. Just sit back and relax with those you love.

Big Country has you covered the rest of the way. We have non-stop Christmas music starting at 6 tonight!

Happy Holidays Everyone!
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Hey Everyone!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! Coming up later in the show today, I have the NFL Four Pack for you. Since time is of the essence, I only take John's predictions on the air for our four games of the week.

John White is the owner and producer of Cat Crave Radio. His expertise was greatly appreciated on our game of the week. When Minnesota takes on Carolina, a lot is on the line, including keeping up with the home front.

Click here to listen to the whole interview, in which John and I cover the game of the week in depth as well as the team he covers; the Carolina Panthers. Check out his latest preview of the Minnesota Vikings game at Cat Crave Radio.

Joey D at GFS on Friday!

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Come see me live at the Gordon Food Service in Marquette this Friday from 3-6! I can't wait to meet even more of you that listen and I will be giving away quite a bit of things, so you will want to stop by and see me!

Rumor has it I will have some Prime Rib to give away, we will be allowing our five winners to draw for their prizes this christmas. It will be rockin' let me tell ya!

From 3-6 I'll share with you the deals that you want to hear about. With Christmas right around the corner, it is time to purchase that food for christmas. While other places can get real expensive for only a small amount, GFS puts the best products in bulk and delivers with great products.

Whether it be tiger shrimp, holiday cookie dough, prime rib, honey glazed ham or any other holiday item you need.

It's going to be a lot of fun down there, and I hope you join me for the celebration!

--Joey D

Web Pick of the Week: MIXXX

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It's another Web Pick for you to enjoy this week! There are a lot of people out there, looking to save money and maybe even pick up a little cash. One of the ways that a lot of people are saving money and even making it is through DJing. Sometimes newlyweds who can't flip the bill for an expensive professional or families just want to have some music at a get together.

For all aspiring disk jockeys, moving your music to the computer can be intimidating. Not only is there a possibility of crashing, but the costs of programs can be outrageous. That's where our web pick this week comes in. Mixx is a free program that allows you to mix, play, and modify your music library for your first DJing job.

Mixxx is available on all platforms: Mac, Windows and Linux. It's very simple to install as well. Here are the instructions.

1.) go to:
2.) click Downloads on the top tab of the website
3.) choose your Operating System platform
4.) Install Mixxx

Interface, Usage, and Support:

Once you have Mixxx installed, you will find that right of the bat, figuring out what to do could be quite complicated. What is great about Mixxx, like many of our Web Picks, is that it is open source software. Many continue to improve it and keep it updated as well as free.

One of the first things you will want to do is upload your library. Mixxx will ask you where to locate your music, and if you guide it to it, then it will load it. You can always add to it by just clicking add to library. What I love about Mixxx is that it has great support for a free program. On the website you can find forums, support, and a wiki that answers most if not all questions users have.

The program itself has two channels for you to use, so that you can cue up two different songs at once. There are volume adjustments for each track and tools to help you mix if that is your thing. There are so many options, such as playing your song backwards, adjusting the tempo, depth, and delay. It's a really cool tool to play with.

If you use it and like it, one suggestion I would give is that I would not have this be your only weapon. Setting up some external devices would be the best idea, just in case something does go wrong on your computer.

I hope you enjoy Mixx!

It's Twitter Tuesday! Here are the best tweets of the week! Man, it still gets to me the amount of great tweets this artists produce. Just like the music they put out.

Kelly of Bomshel- So I know this is nerdy and I'm not suppose to b like this. But the fan in me can't believe @blakeshelton follows us! Seriously ole red!

Lady Antebellum- Lady A to release 2nd single, "American Honey," from their forthcoming album, NEED YOU NOW - out January 26, 2010!

Brad Paisley- Just heard my song at the dentist,so guess I'm a has been. career over. Now please enjoy my soothing sounds as you're polished and flossed.

Taylor Swift
Just found my old life-size Brad Paisley cardboard cutout. Or better yet.. It found me.

Josh Gracin -
@johncmayer Your song Gravity made me realize what's important about music. Going to record my 3rd album the way i want it so... Thank You.

Michelle Branch- Here are my five food groups for a happier (but not healthier) life: salt, hot sauce, booze, butter and bacon.

First of all, Michelle, if you switched pepper with salt, then you would be perfect for me. Brad, I just want to let you know that you are not a has been. Finally, don't forget to follow Josh Gracin. Our pal is looking to get to 10,000 Followers before New Years! Help a man out.

Country News: 12/10/09

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Here is what is new in the Country Music World.... Enjoy!

Trace Adkin's second issue of his comic featuring Luke McBain. If you haven't read the first issue, it is a pretty interesting comic. Okay, it's not the nerdy type comic with super heroes or anything, but Luke McBain is an intriguing character. Check out the second issue and buy it as a stocking stuffer for your nephew haha.....

In other country news, Carrie is back on tour! She announced the Play On tour today, and here are the dates for the upcoming road trip for Underwood. She doesn't come to Wisconsin at all and she makes a stop in Grand Rapids to play at the Van Andel Arena. A great venue to see a concert. Might be worth an early buy and the nine hour travel.

Jake Owen has put the Brittney Spears rumors to rest (Thank goodness for his sake) "I ended up getting a lap dance on stage from her, which was pretty interesting," Jake told Clear 99, a radio station in Missouri. A romantic relationship though is "totally not the case at all ... I haven't talked to her since. "She's a great girl. It was interesting to meet her and be in that whole different world."

In other news, The Noble Things will be released Dec. 22nd. It's a film with the wonderful Lee Ann Womack in it. I look forward to seeing it. A great gift for the country music fan.

Youtube Clip You must Watch:

Holy Cow Dwight Yoakam's new role looks amazing!

For Writer, Collaborators, musicians, historians...heck! Anyone who shares things on the Internet, Write Board is a great program to share ideas with others.

The text based program can be found at There is no need for installation, or directions on how to use because it is so easy. Write Board uses what is called cloud computing to bring text to many different users. What that means is that even though I love this software, I always reccomend that users that are working together always backup the document. You can do so by just saving the text into a word or text document.

Here are some simple directions:

1. go to
2. Go to the right side of the home page to the create a write board and enter the following information: Write Board Title, Password (make it something everyone in your group planning to use it will know), Email address (to verify).
3. After your Write Board is created, you can invite people by clicking on the invite people tab. All you have to do is insert the email of the person you want to see your document.
4. Once all of your work is finished, or at any point in the project, you can export your work to a .txt file or a .html file. All you have to do is hit the export button on the top of the write board.

Overall, for an amateur writer like me, I find this program to be the perfect layout to collaborate with writers who might live cross-country or to share your work with someone that isn't very computer literate, but wants to help edit your work. It's a program that's very easy to understand and I would reccomend it to anyone who is looking for a collaboration program that is free.

This Week's web pick of the Week is a great program for Ipod/IPhone users that need a program to tie everything they do together on the web. Whether it be your bank account, netflix, twitter, email or even your student loan accounts (like i do!) It's called Personal Assistant and it can be found free in the Apple App store!

Here is what Lifehacker, A great website dedicated to tech had to say about personal assistant:

Free application Pageonce provides iPhone-friendly access to all of the information you have stored on previously mentioned web site Pageonce, an internet start page dedicated to aggregating your online accounts in one location. The app—like the Pageonce web interface—gives you an overview of everything from your Gmail and bank account to your cellphone usage and Netflix queue. Like the web site, the main concern here is trusting your sensitive logins to a third party. Even if you trust Pageonce with your logins, be sure to require a password every time you open the dedicated iPhone app so you're not screwed should you lose your phone. Pageonce is a free download from the iTunes App Store, works with your iPhone or iPod touch running 2.0 software.

Besides being free, what I love about it is it's usable interface. It's extremely easy to add any business account, email or twitter account to the app. If you are a flyer you can throw your flying company accounts on there. Now this program isnt for everyone, but is definitely worth a try.

Here is a review by an Ipod App website: