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Wednesday Web Pick of the Week

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Every Wednesday at 4:50, join Joey D for the Wednesday Web Pick of the Week. Joey digs into the internet to find the best web applications, websites and free programs to make your life that much easier.

NFL Four Pack

Posted by JoeyD On November - 20th - 2009

Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are on a four game winning streak as they take on division foe Denver. Who Will win? Check out JoeyD's Predictions on Saturday.


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Hope everyone is enjoying the seventeen pounds of snow we are expected to get this evening! Today on the Afternoon Drive, we had a pretty packed show! We talked about the release of Sarah Buxton and Josh Thompson's debut albums. Also covered some Country News and it was Twitter Tuesday! Let's break it down into further detail.

[Country News] If you cant get enough of Kenny Chesney, then his new Iphone app will have you drooling tonight. The popular hunk has released a free application through Itunes that brings you the latest gear, tour dates and even uses your GPS to give you directions to concerts you bought tickets too! Kenny Chesney on his new app:

"With the iPhone's capability, it's a great opportunity to let your fans get in there and really experience the music ... and the shows ... and well, all of it. So, I decided rather than be first, I'd take some time and create something that gives the fans the most comprehensive application we could create."

The app includes a New Shoes Radio function, special cuts and much much more. Download it today!

[Sarah Buxton Review] Today on the show I reviewed Buxton's debut self titled album. I also played a tune called radio love on the Five O'Clock Traffic Crunch. I thought the album told a good story and that Buxton showed a lot of range. From raspy to upbeat to solid ballad work. One thing that impressed me was how well the album flowed. I stuck with it in and out. Not a bad debut album. I suggest you check it out.

[Twitter Tuesday] This week focuses on the releases of this week, inlcuding Mallary Hope's excitement!

[Paisley on Technology] So Brad and I can agree on one thing. Enough of this media technology, it's time to focus on making a car that can fly. Paisley shares his thoughts on the idea after a week of touring and celebrating having the number one song in country music!

Pat from the UP 200 crew joined us to talk about the upcoming races that will take place this weekend. The Coveted UP 200 and Midnight Run will get underway on Friday.

In the Interview, Pat breaks down the difference between the two races, preperation for this event, How the track is made and explains how this recent snowfall will help the pups as they get ready for their cruise to Grand Marais.

To listen to the interview in it's entirety, click here.
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It’s Tuesday and I’ve got another Twitter Tuesday update for everyone. This week’s theme seems to be Dreams! Here is your Country Music Twittersphere Update

From Mallary Hope Today: Had the craziest dream @TheEllenShow invited me on her show,let me sing Blossom then she surprised me with 3 new puppies.Woke up laughing :P

From Martina McBride Today: I dreamed I was trying 2 get 2 the CMA Awards and couldn't get there. Betty White was driving. My phone wouldn't work. Nobody would listen 2 me. Somehow Betty drove us INTO 1 of the rides @ Disneyworld. Some kind of train thing. In the dark. We had 2 ride it 2 get out but it got stuck. so we had 2 climb out. It was raining. I was n my gown. I was supposed 2 perform. Betty gave up. Oh yeah, Trisha Yearwood was there too. It was Crazy!

Blake Shelton: Performing my new album LIVE TODAY on at 7pmEST/4pmCST. Pre-order my new album NOW!!

Michelle Branch Yesterday: The cable guy is STILL here. I've resorted to eating my daughter's Valentine candy for lunch. Mmm. I love nerds (both candy and real life.)

David Nail: is about to watch USA hockey on the USA network! Go Ryan Suter...

Those are your tweets of the week! To listen to the segment, click here.

Joey D at Econo Foods on Friday!

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Join myself and Big Country 92.3 WJPD tomorrow live at the Econo Foods in Marquette! I'll be there from 3-5 PM giving you a chance to win an unbelievable night out from our great pals at Diet Dr. Pepper.

I'll be handing out free pop, so be ready for the best 23 flavors in the biz, as well as one more chance to get entered to win our Unbelievable Night out with Upfront and Company, Lutey's Flower Shop and Carmike Cinemas!

I can't wait to see you guys down at the Econo Foods! Come Say Hi, I promise that I won't bite.

See yah tomorrow!
Man I love Thursdays. Everybody is always in a good mood, with Friday right around the corner. And I always find ways to keep busy. Today's show was packed with a lot of great stuff, let's get right to it!

[Country News] Well the Dixie Chicks are back together... Sorta! Emily Robison and Martie Maquire have started the side project Court Yard Hounds. Check out their new website: More information on the audio clip!

[Google is ruining facebook!] Late in the show, I declared that Facebook is being ruined by google. The new social networking site is called Google Buzz. Supposedly Mark Zuckerberg and company at Facebook changed their format to match the buzz chat that appears on the left side of the page. So those of you who hate the new facebook layout, blame google!

[Carrie's Worst Date] Carrie Underwood shares her worst date ever on the Afternoon Drive and let's just say that it's good to know that I wouldn't be her worst possible night out on the town! I also proclaim my singleness on this clip on Valentines Day! Hey Ladies!!!

[Joey and Rory Update] Country Music's new duo is at it again. It looks like they will have a new album out by early in the summer. The Album is titled "Album #2". I love it! The Sophomore album is key and I think these two will hit the nail right on the head.

[Unbelievable Night Out] Congratulations to Angel and her significant other. They are both entered to win an Unbelievable Night Out this weekend. Take a listen to what make's Angels significant other unbelievable.