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Posted by Joey D On November - 18th - 2009

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Join Joey D for Twitter Tuesday every Tuesday on WJPD at 3:50 PM. Find out what is going on in the Country Music Twittersphere, get up-to-date on the latest Country Music artist joining twitter and find out the Tweet of the Week, every Tuesday at 4:50 on Big Country.

Wednesday Web Pick of the Week

Posted by JoeyD On November - 16 - 2009

Every Wednesday at 4:50, join Joey D for the Wednesday Web Pick of the Week. Joey digs into the internet to find the best web applications, websites and free programs to make your life that much easier.

NFL Four Pack

Posted by JoeyD On November - 20th - 2009

Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are on a four game winning streak as they take on division foe Denver. Who Will win? Check out JoeyD's Predictions on Saturday.


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All of us love music! Whether it be Alan Jackson, Miley Cirus, or OZZY! This Weekend's web pick of the weekend is the Open Source Program Audacity!

What do you use audacity for? There are many reasons you could use this on your computer. It allows you to record audio, edit it, and splice two clips together.

For a lot of you out there, this isn't something you are interested in. But most of us have a music collection that extends back quite a ways. Maybe you want to convert your tapes and albums into digital files or cds. Audacity allows you do that.

From the Audacity Wiki Page:

You can use Audacity and your computer to record sound from any external device which outputs an audio signal. Although cassette tapes and records (LPs) are the most popular examples, Audacity can be used just as easily to record audio from the following:

  • open-reel tape decks
  • Minidisc (MD) players
  • Radios
  • Mixers
  • Video cassette recorders (VCRs) and DVD players (recording from a dedicated line-out containing audio output only)
  • Televisions (via a SCART adaptor cable connected to the computer sound card, or through a VCR's audio out)
  • Personal digital voice recorders (DVRs)
  • Portable MP3 players (such as iPods)
  • even another computer

You need to run an appropriate cable from an "out" jack on the external device (e.g. a tape deck, or an amplifier or receiver connected to a turntable) to the line-in port of the computer. You should not connect a standard turntable directly to a computer - see the next section below. The line-in is normally coloured blue, but check your computer manual. You should not generally connect to the microphone port of the computer, as this port, besides typically being monophonic, will excessively amplify the stronger signals produced by a tape deck or receiver/amplifier. The only exception to this might be the outputs of some personal recorders supplied with a minijack intended for connection to the microphone input of a recorder.

For the average user with consumer level equipment, the headphone jack is probably the best "out" jack to choose, since it will allow you to adjust the output level of the source device. If you choose this approach, the most typical setup is to use a cable with a 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) stereophonic TRS plug at one end (for connecting to the device's headphone jack), and an identical 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) TRS stereophonic plug on the other end (for connecting to the line-in socket on your computer). If the device you are recording from has a 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) headphone jack, you will need to get a 1/4 to 1/8 inch adaptor. Such an adapter is often included free with most new headphones, or can be purchased separately at any electronics store.

Some professionals with high-grade equipment would prefer to use the source device's "aux out", "tape out", "line-out" or "record" output (if so equipped), since that approach bypasses an unnecessary stage of (possibly low-quality) amplification, and standardises the signal at a fixed (non-adjustable) level of approximately 1 - 1.5 volts, resulting in a higher quality recording. If you choose this approach, you will need a cable that has dual RCA red/white plugs at one end (for connecting to the "aux out", "tape out" or "record" jack of the device) and a stereophonic 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) plug at the other end (for connecting to your computer's line-in port).

Audacity is an open source program, meaning that it is constantly upgraded with the influence of it's users. It is a great program to download for free, and as a freelance podcaster on the side, I have found this program to be a good go-to-solution for editing.

Yo Yo Yo! Holy Toledo, where did the week go? Man, I fell asleep last night at about ten pm right after the show, and the next thing I know, it is early in the mornin! Anyways, enough with the rambles. Here is what to expect on this afternoon's show:

Can you Identify the Artist?- I have the details on the latest way to win tickets to Noah's Ark Water Park. All you have to do is find a specific artist on the website, and then be the first caller in with the artist name (watch out our IT guy likes to be tricky!!!!). More details can be found on the front page of

Country News- Are you a fan of those Rascalls in the Rascall Flats Band? Do you love Itunes like I Do? Then you have to check this out! The Summer of Flatts Pass is available on Itunes for only $19.99 and you get 28 new demos, cuts, and live tracks over the course of seven weeks. Talk about Summer Nights done right! For the price of a CD, you are entering a whole new world of Rascall Flatts music. Of these 28 songs, seven of them are exclusives just to this deal. So if you want the whole Flatts connection, this is your bargain of the summer months.

Kid of the Day Challenge- Today's challenge kids is a good one! Last night, before falling asleep, I was watching Scooby Doo, my favorite cartoon! Be ready for the trivia, and if you are between the ages of 4-10 and have not won in 30 days, call up at 225-1440 and win an ice cream cone from Jilberts Dairy in Marquette if you are the first caller. MMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Win the Lotto, then get Arrested?- That's what happened in Ontario Canada, when 45 year old Barry Shell went to go pick up his oversized check. We have the details on this crazy situation! Let's just say that your past always follows you, no matter where you go.

Remembering Walter Kronkite- It has almost been two weeks since legendary broadcaster Walter Kronkite passed away at age 92. I wasn't around for Kronkite as a member of the CBS team, but in college I did study his work a lot (obviously). I'll give my take on America's most trusted man. You can catch the re-airing Cronkite Remembers this Sunday starting at 11 A.M on the Discovery Channel.

We have a lot in store for today's show. Kick Back, Relax and sip on some Lemonade! Catch the show tonight, from 3-7 only in Big Country!

Happy Tuesday to you! Hope you are relaxing during the work week and not being pushed too hard by the head honcho. Coming up today, I'll be filling in for Ryan Patrick from 3-7 PM on Big Country. I'll be here all week as Ryan takes a much deserved vacation. Here are some of the things to look forward to on today's show:

  • Jason Aldean has a new single? Well Sorta! Aldean's top hit, "She's Country" will have a little remix starting today. The hip hop version of the awesome single will be available today on Itunes. Rich Redmond, Jason Aldean's drummer is part of the New Voice Entertainment team, that came up with the idea to make a club remix of the song. You can here the hippity hop hip to the hip hop version here!

  • Kelly Hildebrandt found the love of her life through the internet, and now she is getting married to him in October. Big deal right? Well, her lover shares the same name! How Wierd..... The two will tie the knot in a few months, let's hope the person filling out the marriage license doesn't get confused!

  • Today's Jilberts Dairy Kid of the Day Challenge focuses on a special event taking place tomorrow. Stay tuned at 4:15 for more details, and if you are between the ages of four and ten, call in at 225-1440 with your answer! The best part? You get an yummy Jilberts Ice Cream cone, if you are the first to get the answer right.

  • On today's show we give you the latest in Marquette Closures and Construction, including the closure times for the Blueberry Festival, and where to watch out for Fire Hydrant Testing in the Marquette Area.

  • Finally, Ronnie and Kix of Brooks and Dunn talk about the changes in the music industry, and how technology has formed a new game for country artists around the world. Ronnie and Kix will be releasing a new album on September 8th titled, "#1s and then some." The album will feature 21 of Brooks and Dunn's number one hits, as well as seven new songs. I cant wait to get my hands on it!

That and more is all coming up this afternoon on Big Country! Stay tuned from 3 PM-7 PM.

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This Weekend is a prime time to add another member to the family. Your probably thinking Wha?!?! Has JoeyD gone completely overboard. We knew the sink was sinkin' but, did somebody cry battleship?!?!

Well Sorta! Ok, maybe not....Nope!

This Weekend the Marquette County Humane Society is dropping adaption rates for Kittens and Cats 50% MCHS needs to move as many little Kittys as possible, to make more room in the shelter. At half the price, and all the personalities down there, you can't beat it.

Last weekend We added a fourth member to our family! Quinn had been at the shelter since the month of Febuary. After getting our first cat Milo in March, we decided it was time to bring home a buddy for him to hang out with during the day. Yet again the MCHS staff did not dissapoint. Always working hard, commiting to what they love, the MCHS staff is some of the best people in Marquette county. I want to thank them for all they do. You should thank them too the best way possible, by going in this weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) and bringing home a Kitty today. You can see my two buds up top, sleepin' away a summer morning! See what your missing out on? :)

Ever want to talk to someone internationally but couldn't afford the minutes? Maybe you wanted to video conference with someone important at work, but couldn't find anything affordable. Are you looking for a cheap landline, and don't the hassle of a phone company. Then Skype for windows and mac is the program just for you.

The Web Pick of the Weekend is something that I have been using for quite sometime. Skype, which is owned by the internet giant Ebay, is a voiceover IP application, that allows you to talk to people around the world for free. Just recently the program has integraded video chat as well. Skype has created many oppurtunities in the field of communication, because it allows two people to communicate from long distances meanwhile keeping the top quality audio they are producing, instead of compressing it through phone lines.

How does it work?

For those of you familiar with the popular messenger services that AOL and Yahoo have produced, then setting up Skype will be a breeze. At heart, Skype is a chatting agent. After installing the program, which can be found at, the user will be prompted to create a screen name. From there you can text chat with friends, audio chat, and video chat as well. If you know someone with a corresponding username, and you have the proper equipment, all it takes is the push of the talk button! Here are the tools you will need though to get off the ground.

Setup and Additional Costs

For the average user, skype can cost nothing. If your computer comes with an external microphone and you have headphones, you are all set. Most advanced users (myself included) buy headsets, or dynamic Microphones to broadcast to the people we are talking to. In my case, I record interviews and segments with people across the world. I need the highest quality possible. For those of you looking for a cheap, yet high quality device, the Skype store has solid options. Though most uses can be free, sometimes people you want to call won't have a skype username. With a small monthly fee, Skype allows you to call out to all numbers within the united states. You can also purchase minutes from Skype, which allow you to call out internationally.

As an avid Skype user, I have decided to use at a cheap rate of 2.50 a month, plus 35.00 for a landline a year to use skype as my main mobile device. There is no other rates, and for a cheap price under 40 dollars, I have a phoneline directly into my comptuter. I can also forward calls out to an existing number, and allow callers to leave a voicemail. All from my computer. If you are a business owner, client, worker, or have family that is hard to contact, Skype could be the real solution for you. It is definitely a staple in the way that technology is heading.

What You will need:

The Skype Program, Internet Connection, A microphone of some sort, headphones and a username.

To view more about the program Skype, Visit: Download and find out more about the application here.

Skype Wikipedia- To answer more of your questions or concerns.

Skype How To- A helpful how to video on how to install Skype on Windows.

Coming up this Weekend

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Hey All! Hope your having a great week. I'll be back on the airwaves this weekend On Saturday and Sunday from 3-7 PM. Here is what you can expect this weekend


Web Pick of the Weekend- This weekend we will look at the Web Application Skype. I use it nearly daily for what is called VOIP. Stay Tuned, at 4:45 we've got you covered on the newest way to call your relatives and friends in a cheap fashion.

Country News- On Saturday, I'll take a look at the country news that is sweeping the nation! Stay tuned for the latest happenings in the world of country music.

Community Calendar- Coming up this Saturday I'll look at some upcoming events in the Marquette Area for next week!


Sit back and Relax!- With one day remaining in the weekend, it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy the latest in country music. We've got you covered with some of the best of all-time and your latest favorite tune! At 5:15 we will have the Artist Profile of the weekend, detailing the latest news for that country artist and their next tour stops.

On Sunday we will also take a look at the strange buy on Ebay this weekend. Can't wait to see you then! Have a great week!

Programming Note: JoeyD will be filling in for Ryan Patrick next week, starting on Tuesday. Can't wait to hear from you next week as well!
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