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Posted by Joey D On November - 18th - 2009

Join Joey D every weekday at 3:18 for the latest Country News Swirling around the Country World. Whether it be artists, albums, movies or family news. If it has to do with country, Joey D has you covered daily at 3:18.

Twitter Tuesday

Posted by JoeyD On November - 17th - 2009

Join Joey D for Twitter Tuesday every Tuesday on WJPD at 3:50 PM. Find out what is going on in the Country Music Twittersphere, get up-to-date on the latest Country Music artist joining twitter and find out the Tweet of the Week, every Tuesday at 4:50 on Big Country.

Wednesday Web Pick of the Week

Posted by JoeyD On November - 16 - 2009

Every Wednesday at 4:50, join Joey D for the Wednesday Web Pick of the Week. Joey digs into the internet to find the best web applications, websites and free programs to make your life that much easier.

NFL Four Pack

Posted by JoeyD On November - 20th - 2009

Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are on a four game winning streak as they take on division foe Denver. Who Will win? Check out JoeyD's Predictions on Saturday.


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Thursday Preview: 3-7 PM In Big Country

Posted by Dex On 5:57 AM

Yo Yo Yo! Holy Toledo, where did the week go? Man, I fell asleep last night at about ten pm right after the show, and the next thing I know, it is early in the mornin! Anyways, enough with the rambles. Here is what to expect on this afternoon's show:

Can you Identify the Artist?- I have the details on the latest way to win tickets to Noah's Ark Water Park. All you have to do is find a specific artist on the website, and then be the first caller in with the artist name (watch out our IT guy likes to be tricky!!!!). More details can be found on the front page of

Country News- Are you a fan of those Rascalls in the Rascall Flats Band? Do you love Itunes like I Do? Then you have to check this out! The Summer of Flatts Pass is available on Itunes for only $19.99 and you get 28 new demos, cuts, and live tracks over the course of seven weeks. Talk about Summer Nights done right! For the price of a CD, you are entering a whole new world of Rascall Flatts music. Of these 28 songs, seven of them are exclusives just to this deal. So if you want the whole Flatts connection, this is your bargain of the summer months.

Kid of the Day Challenge- Today's challenge kids is a good one! Last night, before falling asleep, I was watching Scooby Doo, my favorite cartoon! Be ready for the trivia, and if you are between the ages of 4-10 and have not won in 30 days, call up at 225-1440 and win an ice cream cone from Jilberts Dairy in Marquette if you are the first caller. MMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Win the Lotto, then get Arrested?- That's what happened in Ontario Canada, when 45 year old Barry Shell went to go pick up his oversized check. We have the details on this crazy situation! Let's just say that your past always follows you, no matter where you go.

Remembering Walter Kronkite- It has almost been two weeks since legendary broadcaster Walter Kronkite passed away at age 92. I wasn't around for Kronkite as a member of the CBS team, but in college I did study his work a lot (obviously). I'll give my take on America's most trusted man. You can catch the re-airing Cronkite Remembers this Sunday starting at 11 A.M on the Discovery Channel.

We have a lot in store for today's show. Kick Back, Relax and sip on some Lemonade! Catch the show tonight, from 3-7 only in Big Country!

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