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Posted by Joey D On November - 18th - 2009

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Twitter Tuesday

Posted by JoeyD On November - 17th - 2009

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Wednesday Web Pick of the Week

Posted by JoeyD On November - 16 - 2009

Every Wednesday at 4:50, join Joey D for the Wednesday Web Pick of the Week. Joey digs into the internet to find the best web applications, websites and free programs to make your life that much easier.

NFL Four Pack

Posted by JoeyD On November - 20th - 2009

Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are on a four game winning streak as they take on division foe Denver. Who Will win? Check out JoeyD's Predictions on Saturday.


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Roseanne Cash: The List Album

Posted by Dex On 2:25 PM 0 comments

Today on the show we talked about Roseanne's new album, "The List." Here are the details on the album as talked about on air.

Roseanne recently sat down with one of my favorite Writers, Mitch Albom, on his new show "Mitch Albom Live." Here is a pretty good interview with Cash on the new CD compiled from the 100 country songs her father gave her as an 18 year old grunge lovin' teen.

You have to love when the music get's back to the roots. Cash has found a passion in this album that will always be with her. In the songs you hear the influence of her father. Going back to the roots opens up a whole new world for the lovely voice that is oh so familiar. If you like music because of it's roots, then this is the way to go.

Here is a listing and demo of every song on Cash's latest album.

Web Pick of The Week: Netflix

Posted by Dex On 2:13 PM 0 comments
Usually, I try to focus on something that is completely new to you guys, but I was so impressed with the new Netflix, that I decided to try it out.

What is great about the new netflix is that beyond the movies you rent through the mail, is the streaming service online. Not only do you get to watch your favorite classics on your computer instantly, but most of the movies are in hd quality. As part of any dvd package, you get this ability to stream some new movies, a bunch of good ones, and even documentaries. While you are waiting for your dvds to arrive, you can watch some really good film. This is what is enticing to me. With recent starz airings as well, you can catch up on the movies you missed at the theaters and your favorite tv shows.

If you used to have netflix, or have always thought about it, then it is definitely worth the free two week trial. I have always been the type to run down to the local video store, but I really think that Netflix is the way to go. For 13.99 a month you can get out 2 dvds at a time sent to your mailing address (about 8 rentals) and unlimited streaming of videos (as long as it is in the library). If a rental is 2.50 a peice, that is the equivilent of about seven movies.

Hookups to your big screen tv are available as well. It is definitely worth a try.

Josh Gracin is Here!!!!

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Holy Cow, would somebody please explain to me where the month of September disappeared to? Just the other day it seemed like the month had started. I think old man winter is behind the move to cold fall months! He wants the snow to land as soon as possible (Grumpy Old Man anyways).

Anyways, back to my point for writing this post! October is here, and that means so is Josh Gracin. As I sit in the studio counting the hours down, I can't help but be excited. This concert is going to be hopping with requests. Since Josh Gracin is so cool and took your song requests, we could hear anything from an original of The Beastie Boys, to Garth Brooks and Cowboy Troy. I hope to see you all there. It is going to be a blast, and just in case you were wondering, tickets will be available at the door. Plus, you can still snag them online if you are a slacker like me!

Iain Black and myself will be "tweeting" from location this evening, so make sure you tap us into your favorite internet device and make us your dates. If you are at the concerts, make sure to tweet us with your awesome thoughts on the concert.

Well I guess I better get back to work..... HAHA! I have nothing to complain about, I love every minute of it. See you all tonight at Vandement Arena, it is going to be spectacular!
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