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Posted by Joey D On November - 18th - 2009

Join Joey D every weekday at 3:18 for the latest Country News Swirling around the Country World. Whether it be artists, albums, movies or family news. If it has to do with country, Joey D has you covered daily at 3:18.

Twitter Tuesday

Posted by JoeyD On November - 17th - 2009

Join Joey D for Twitter Tuesday every Tuesday on WJPD at 3:50 PM. Find out what is going on in the Country Music Twittersphere, get up-to-date on the latest Country Music artist joining twitter and find out the Tweet of the Week, every Tuesday at 4:50 on Big Country.

Wednesday Web Pick of the Week

Posted by JoeyD On November - 16 - 2009

Every Wednesday at 4:50, join Joey D for the Wednesday Web Pick of the Week. Joey digs into the internet to find the best web applications, websites and free programs to make your life that much easier.

NFL Four Pack

Posted by JoeyD On November - 20th - 2009

Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are on a four game winning streak as they take on division foe Denver. Who Will win? Check out JoeyD's Predictions on Saturday.


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Web Pick of the Week: K7 United

Posted by Dex On 2:53 PM

This Week's Web Pick of the Week is a great tool for you business owners or entrepreneurs who are low on money. The Website is called K7 Unified Messaging.

What does it do? Good Question.

Maybe you had to cancel your business line or chose to cancel it, but you want to still be able to have clients send you voicemail. All you have to do is sign up for an account at K& for free, and they will send you a phone number to give out. Whenever someone you know dials that number, they will automatically be sent to your voicemail line. Once they have left their message, it will be sent to the email account you set up your account with in an mp3 file.

Pretty cool huh?! The best part is that function of K7 is free. If you are still into faxing and don't have a machine, K& also has those functions available to you. Try it out for free on the website and let me know what you think!

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