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NFL Four Pack

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Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are on a four game winning streak as they take on division foe Denver. Who Will win? Check out JoeyD's Predictions on Saturday.


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Coming up on Today's Show!

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It feels good to be back in the blogosphere, I don't know what got into me, but I just haven't updated the past few days. Shame on me! Today is a very special day in country music, because it is Tuesday, and Albums are being released.

Today on The Afternoon Drive, I will talk about Diamond Rio and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's New Albums. This is the first release from the guys of the The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in the last five years. Speed of Life is getting a lot of good reviews out there, including from The 9513, who had this to say about the new album:

These four men are incredibly talented music veterans with nearly two centuries of experience among them, and it’s reflected in the effortless, freewheeling earthiness of the album, from the first harmonica blast (courtesy of Jimmie Fadden) on opening track “Tulsa Sounds Like Trouble to Me.” From there, it’s an excellent adventure through Americana as the band blends elements of country, bluegrass, folk, and rock with harmonies that are reflective of the Band’s influence on the Eagles and subsequent groups like Little Big Town.

Diamond Rio's new album, titled "The Reason," is this top notch group's first attempt at contemporary christian music. Marty Roe, the lead vocalist of Diamond Rio says that the transition has been easy, because everyone in the band, that has remained the same group of guys for 25 years, shares the same type of faith.

“We’re all believers. We always have been. I think a lot of our songs reflected that part of who we are, but this was different to actually able to say in a stronger voice what our hearts are about.”

Should make for another great album from one of the best groups in Country Music history.

Also on the show today:

  • GM is bringing back 3,000 jobs already to stimulate it's business? I will have the details on the hirings, and how GM expects to grow.
  • Carrie Underwood's Cowboy Cassanova continues to climb charts! We will check in on the latest numbers on the latest Underwood tune.
  • Wednesday Web Pick of the Week: This Week I take a look at a local video production that keeps you updated on Northern Michigan University Athletics.
  • The Latest Road Closures and Marquette Updates as you prepare to drive home
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Hey guys and gals! Coming you tonight after the show for some links.....

I Told you how Lee Ann Womack is trying to get traditional. Here is the article I referenced today during the show today. Womack making more traditional country music should be rather interesting. I look forward to hearing it.

---Carrie's Single is Here!

--Jason Aldean guessed it.. Big Green Tractors. His latest continues to climb the charts. His Album Label wanted to congratulate him. So how did they do it? They lined up 9 Big Green Tractors near his home. Here are Aldean's thoughts:

"I can definitely feel the love." But the whole thing definitely took him by surprise. "I actually came downtown for a few meetings, which I wouldn't normally do on a Monday because I try and spend those days off with my family at home. I was driving down 17th, and was totally caught off-guard by the tractors parked up and down the street. I guess the record label and publishing companies and everyone had set it up ... but no one told me about it so I almost wrecked trying to read the signs on them to see if they were there for me. I have dreamed about having a few big No. 1 hits back-to-back for a very, very long time, so it just feels really good to have the Nashville music community supporting me."
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Since the first time I heard "The Game of Love" with Carlos Santana and Michelle Branch, I have been in love with what I consider one of the most beautiful voices in music. In a genre that I am not particularlly a fan of, Branch continued to show that she belonged.... At least talent wise.

Then in 2005, Branch made the move to Nashville. The Wreckers, consisting of Jessica Harp and Michelle Branch took the country music scene by storm. Their debut single, "Leave the Pieces," was the first song by a duo to go to number one on the Billboard country music charts since 1991.

Then in July of 2007, The Wreckers seperated for solo careers. And Now Branch is about to release her latest country album. One that she says was not forced and rather natural.

"I said, 'Let's just make the record, and it's going to sound country
because that's the instrumentation I'm in love with and I'm writing with
people here in Nashville. Let's not overthink it.'"

The album is titled "Sooner or Later" and will be released this Fall. I can't wait to hear what she has in store. And of course, I'll let you know when we get it in here at the station!

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Finally Country Music's biggest up and coming star has something new coming out onto the country music scene, and this DJ couldn't be more excited! Carrie Underwood without out a doubt has the selling power to be the best young country music artist in the game.

As the music Scene continues to change, and get younger, Underwood has a chance to solidify the fact that she is the female voice. She has the chance to go from Okalahoma girl, to the internataional voice of a genre.

Will she do it? As a huge Carrie fan, I think that her new album "Play On," which will be released on November 3rd, will be critical to what is next for the Country artist. Most of the music, including the lead single "Play On" are co-writen by Underwood. Originality was something that Underwood lacked in her last album.

And is something that is key in putting her over the top. When I get to hear the album, I'll let you know what I think. Stay Tuned..... I think we might have a deal breaker on the way.
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